Gluten-Free Book Review – Gluten is my Bitch!

Dive into the real-world experiences of living with a Celiac diagnosis through the humorous and relatable gluten-free book “Gluten is my Bitch” by April Peveteaux. Find out how to navigate the challenges of a gluten-free lifestyle with wit and practicality.

A Wood-fired Heated Bath in Tasmania Is The Perfect Setting To Read a New Gluten-Free Book

If you are wondering, that’s not my bath at my house. I was camping in Tasmania, Australia, and one of the camp spots (Left of Field) offered a wood-fired heated bath at Sunset overlooking the national forest. The weather was icy cold, so I couldn’t resist having a glass of wine and reading a good book whilst I soaked up nature.

This book is a different, real-world view of how getting a Celiac Diagnosis is…. a complete bitch!

Gluten is my Bitch” provides a different perspective on living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Peveteaux’s writing style is humorous and relatable, which makes the information she presents more engaging. She not only delves into the science behind gluten intolerance but also shares her personal experiences navigating a world filled with gluten.

It combines humor like ‘How the fuck to deal with it’, which is entirely different from other books on the market. April touches on a vast range of topics like dealing with gossip; inconveniences; travelling; looking after your children and has included some very tasty-looking recipes too.

Gluten-Free Book

Book Structure

The book is divided into sections, each covering a different aspect of gluten intolerance. Peveteaux discusses everything from dining out to grocery shopping to travelling with gluten intolerance. She also includes delicious gluten-free recipes, which I appreciate as someone who struggles to find tasty options that fit my dietary restrictions.

Unique Aspects of the Gluten-Free Book

One thing that sets “Gluten is my Bitch” apart from other books on gluten intolerance is its frankness. Peveteaux doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges of living with this condition, nor does she shy away from discussing some of the less glamorous aspects of it. But she does so in a way that is both relatable and empowering.

My Thoughts:

Overall, “Gluten is my Bitch” is a valuable gluten-free book & I highly recommend to anyone who is living with gluten intolerance or knows someone who is. This gluten-free book is a valuable resource that provides both practical advice and a much-needed dose of humor for anyone struggling with this condition.

A light-hearted, fun, and enjoyable read for anyone who is tired of hearing the same gluten-free information over and over again.

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